Launched in 2018, the Black Skin Directory is a multiple award winning platform dedicated to connecting people of colour to professional skincare expertise.

Attached to this, is also a desire to up-skill and empower skin practitioners and the wider beauty industry with valuable knowledge and insights that improve this ability to serve and treat the skin of colour consumer. Our research tells us that Black consumers have long been insufficiently catered for and that access to information for their needs has been limited. We at Black Skin Directory are determined to change this.



    Housed in a regularly updated resource library we provide easy access to articles and up-to-date news pieces to enhance your skin of colour knowledge.


    We host events centred on the skincare and beauty needs of people of colour, whilst also providing a listing service to connect consumers to skincare practitioners experienced in treating skin of colour.


    We are committed to enhancing the knowledge and building the confidence of the beauty industry ecosystem - from skin practitioners to journalists and brand owners.

After three years of facilitating the Skin of Colour Training IRL and online, we are thrilled to deliver the course in a format that is accessible worldwide and enables you to control the pace of your learning in the comfort of your home or office.

We hope this course will help to normalise catering for skin of colour, to plug any gaps in missing information and to remove barriers that prevent you from treating darker skin tones.

We will continuously update and improve this course. We welcome your feedback to help ensure we are delivering the education you need. 

Visit the Contact Us page to leave a comment and to read our FAQs.

Students' Feedback

“Gave me the confidence to be able to talk to my skin of colour clients about their skin knowledgeably.”

SoC Training Day 2020

“Valuable information on darker skin tones that is not really openly available, I would recommend for anyone who feels anxious about treating Black skin.”

SoC Training Day 2020

“Very useful to all therapists to give comprehensive training about skin of colour.”

SoC Training Day 2020